All about Stainless Steel Grade 410S Cold Rolled Plates

All about Stainless Steel Grade 410S Cold Rolled Plates

What is Stainless Steel 410S Plate? 

Furthermore, this extensive range of products boasts exceptional features and ensures high-quality performance. Specifically, Stainless Steel Grade 410S Cold Rolled Plates are well-suited for long-term operations, demanding minimal maintenance. The production process of SS Grade 410S Cold Rolled Plates involves crucial procedures and steps, such as spinning, roll forming, and bending, which are effectively employed to create these plates. Also, it requires high-tech machinery to produce products of international standards and high quality. For the production of Stainless Steel Grade 410S Cold Rolled Plates, various procedures are performed on the plate, including plasma cutting, high definition plasma cutting, plasma beveling, abrasive water jet cutting, and band saw cutting. Also, a procedure like laser cutting works well for these plates.

Properties of Stainless Steel Grade 410S Cold Rolled Plate

Here, Stainless Steel Grade 410S is a low carbon-containing alloy that has a non-hardening ability. The material contains 12% chromium, and the low carbon makes the product suitable for high-temperature working. Also, the well-defined composition of stainless steel grade makes cold-rolled plates restrict hardening. SS Grade 410S is soft and ductile after performing rapid cooling from varied temperature scales. Stainless Steel Grade 410S material’s various characteristics help them prevent their cracking after exposure to high temperature and welding. Stainless steel grade 410S cold rolled plate exhibits adequate corrosion resistance and good oxidation resistance.

  • Corrosion resistance ability

SS Grade 410S Cold Rolled Plates resist corrosion in varied atmospheric conditions, including freshwater, mild organic acids, and minerals. Even these products work well after exposure to chlorides.

  • Heat Treatment capacity

Stainless Steel Grade 410S Cold Rolled Plates are not suitable for hardening by heat treatment. The raw material grade is processed in the temperature range of 1600 to 1650°F and then air-cooled to relieve cold working stresses.

Other properties of Stainless Steel

Moreover, Stainless Steel plates stand out as a product with exceptional physical and mechanical properties. It encompasses a comprehensive set of mechanical properties, comprising tensile strength, yield strength, elongation ability, and hardness, to name a few.